If Reasons Were as Plenty as Blackberries... with Jonathan Arrington & Jack Sundell, The Root Cafe

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Thursday June 6

6:30 PM  –  9:30 PM

If Reasons Were as Plenty as Blackberries:Arkansas Fruits & Berries
with Jonathan Arrington & Jack Sundell, The Root Café 

Arkansas fruits and berries take center stage in the second of our 2019 History is Served dinner series. Jonathan Arrington and Jack Sundell of The Root Café, working with local farmers, will present a meal that features a different Arkansas fruit each course.

Whether it’s a savory twist on berries or an unexpected pairing with a main course protein, each course, inspired by Arkansas’s rich heritage in fruit production, will surprise and delight. You’ll go home with a full mind as well, hearing of folk tales with lines like, “[blackberry] briars close out and take more farms in Arkansaw than mortgages ever did in Kansas,” and learning why we called this dinner, “if reasons were as plenty as blackberries.”

Cocktails sponsored by Rock Town Distillery.

Limit of 2 tickets per buyer.